Are you starting to lose track of all the moving pieces of your business? Is your to-do list just growing longer and longer instead of shrinking? Do you have a million questions circling in your head about what the next step should be? Or maybe you feel like you’ve got things handled MOST of the time… but could use a little bit of extra support? 

Sometimes the situation doesn’t call for a 6-month consulting package or an intense 6-hour Zoom session. Sometimes the best option is on-demand support for a short timeframe, which can lead to rapid progress and immediate results.

With a Voxer Intensive, you get the perfect blend of support, accountability, advice, and headspace for massive action-taking. We’ll have the focus of a deep dive 1-1 session without needing to make ‘life’ stop in the process.

Voxer Intensives leverage convenience, embrace flexibility, and focus on getting stuff done. You’ll have me in your back pocket for some seriously intensive support. I’ve got over a decade of experience in the online business space and like Farmers’ Insurance, “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.”

If you’re thinking anything similar to the challenges below, then a day of Voxer support can help:
‣ I can’t find the right tech to support my business.
‣ I’m feeling overwhelmed with my to-do list.
‣ I know that process needs to be streamlined, but I’m unsure where to start.
‣ I’m finding it hard to keep up with my business because it’s growing so fast.
‣ I feel like my brain has too many open tabs and I just need the space to let it all out.


You’ll schedule your Voxer Intensive and receive a brief intake form. My goal is to make sure our day is as action-packed as possible, so I want to learn a bit about you and your business before we get going.

If there’s anything you need me to review before your day, you can send it over in advance. We’ll also iron out any tech issues or timings (depending on your time zone) in advance.

On your selected date, we’ll have the laser focus of a 1:1 session but with the convenience to pop in and out as fits your busy schedule because we’re utilizing Voxer. 


Whether it’s planning, streamlining systems, diving into your operations, or hiring… whatever you’re working on to make your business run more smoothly behind the scenes is something we can make real progress on during your Voxer Intensive.

Examples from past Voxer Days include:

• Identifying leaks in a sales funnel
• Audit your tech stack
• Create a new offer
• Review current team members and determine your next best hire
• Outline and develop lead magnets
• Streamline your onboarding process
• Sounding board for brainstorming
• Develop a strategy for your next launch
• Determine which metrics you should be tracking
• Define or refine your mission, vision, and values
• Brainstorm for a tough conversation that needs to be had with a team member
• Develop a system for organizing your Google Drive

Voxer Intensive


The sky’s the limit when it comes to business-related topics, including strategy, metrics, systems, tech, launching, and team management. However, please note that I am not a health professional or lawyer, and therefore, I do not provide medical or legal advice.

My availability is from 9 am to 6 pm EST. We can start and end at any point in between. It’s important to clarify that this doesn’t mean we’ll be communicating nonstop for hours. Instead, this window allows for convenient and steady communication throughout the day.

The beauty of a Voxer Intensive is its flexibility and convenience for you. While you should ensure you have enough time to listen and reply to messages, and to think, plan, take action, and process, it’s structured in a way that your focus doesn’t have to be tied to it for the entire day.

Life happens, and we understand that. If you need to reschedule, please provide at least 24 hours notice. We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs and find an alternative date that works for both of us.

Voxer is a secure walkie-talkie app for real-time communication. It’s free and available in mobile (iPhone & Android) and desktop versions.

Voxer Intensive

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