Breakthrough Strategy Session

Are you looking for clarity, peace of mind, and a clear plan of action to scale your business and increase profits?

My 90-minute Breakthrough Sessions are designed to help you cut through the noise and get clear on what needs to happen in your business, as well as the strategies and tools needed to implement systems and GROW.

We’ll discuss your goals, vision, and what success looks like for your business. We’ll assess what’s working, identify what isn’t, pinpoint gaps, and create a customized, actionable plan that will set you on the path to sustainable growth and lay the groundwork for the next 90 days of your business!

Let’s take a deep dive into your business and develop a clear strategy on what shifts need to be made to get you from where you currently are to where you want to be. Clarity allows us to create a strategic plan which means we show up and act intentionally daily, knowing we are taking steps that align with our vision of a successful business.

What’s Included:

An assessment of the current tech platforms you’re using, if they suit your needs, and what might be a better solution.
An energetic audit of your current systems and strategies
The answers to as many questions you can ask in 90-minutes, from operations to systems, client onboarding & offboarding, hiring & firing, and everything in between!
90-minutes of uninterrupted time to focus on your business
A custom, three-month action plan, which includes an action item checklist and timeline to keep you focused and on task, delivered to you five days after your session
One week of email support following the delivery of your action plan