About Me


I’m Kia- a NYC-based strategy and business operations manager for impact-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners. I work with clients to strategically move business initiatives forward while organizing and overseeing the daily operations.

You are a wildly dedicated and ambitious entrepreneur who’s more than ready to uplevel your business and consistently increase your profits…but you’re finding it challenging to accomplish as the only one at the helm. The bigger your business grows, the more responsibility you carry. You will not accidentally stumble into building the skills, structure, and systems you need for continued success. You will stunt your progress if you think you can.

I step in and take some of that weight off your shoulders, empowering you to grow your business and enhance your life. Having scalable systems in place takes the pressure off, enabling you to focus on the core business strengths.

As founder of Bloom Business Management and an OBM, I help entrepreneurs like you with your people, projects and processes, ensuring that you can build a scalable and sustainable business.  

With seven years of experience in executive support roles, I serve visionaries by taking over the day-to-day management and optimizing your business operations so that you can work on the highest income-producing activities and continue to transform your clients’ lives. 

You have a vision you are wholeheartedly committed to, and I am your ally in helping advance that vision.

Core Values

I partner with business leaders who believe in celebrating and serving our world through their core values. 


When I’m not supporting my clients, you can usually find me tending to my windowsill garden, reading in the park down the street, serving my community, or traveling. 

A core part of my being is the joy I get from challenging myself to continue learning, growing, and embracing the extraordinary opportunities life presents. I learn every day from everything around me because I understand that ownership of growth is my own. Following that logic, I know I can fix any problem I may have because I’m bigger than my problems – I simply have to find the right solution.

I’m intentional about whom I partner with and work with people excited about change and who are open to learning, implementing new ideas and systems, and who put in the effort to find the right solution.

I work with clients like you who think in terms of possibilities. You prioritize living the life you want to live, and that’s likely what led you to entrepreneurship.

A successful business doesn’t have to come at the expense of other areas of your life. When you play big, you don’t have to choose. You can have a thriving business and the life you want. You can enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship, making all the money you please, and still be a good person because money is a tool you can use to fund the things you care about. 

Having a prosperous business is only the beginning for you. If you’re anything like me, you dream of reaching your full potential by building something for yourself. Then putting that amazing thing out into the world to inspire greatness, design the lifestyle you desire, create a sustainable impact in your community, and leave a lasting legacy.

Confidently Manage Incredible Growth!

Are you ready for clarity and a clear plan of action to scale your business and expand your impact while being able to enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship?

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Create and execute systems and procedures to ensure that every action taken is aligned with the strategic development plan.

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