Grow Your Business With an OBM

Scaling your business relies on knowing your “why” and streamlining your business systems. It’s my job to help you expand your vision, build your community and make more than just money—but make a positive change in your clients’ lives forever.

I’m Kia Davis, founder of Bloom Business Management and Online Business Manager. I provide business owners, like you, with the resources you need to make real changes in the world.

Every business needs a heart-centered touch to make streamlining and scaling both effective and fulfilling.

Do you need help to…

  • Implement a custom business strategy? You have a vision for your business, but the courses and coaches you’ve tried so far aren’t customized for your company. You learned new information, but you aren’t sure how to make it work for you.
  • Free up time? You’ll spend hours working because you love what you do, but you need help delegating and making time for the other critical areas in your business. 
  • Grow your business? You have the clients and revenue, and you’re ready to scale, but you’re unsure how or where to start.

Our Strategy to Grow Your Business Online

Our system strategy helps you get all your amazing ideas out of your head and shape them into doable steps to grow your company.

I promise to treat your business like it’s my own. It’s my mission to learn all about you and your business to help you create a simple but efficient plan to meet more clients, organize your team and scale your business.

Bloom Business Management builds project management stages with high-quality automation and tech integration to make scaling practical.

Project Management

Running a growing business can sometimes feel like it’s running you down. 

I’ll create a support system just for you.

I’ll take over the activities that are weighing you down so you can lighten your load and get back to running your business.

Launch Management

Ready to get your customers excited for your new service or product? 

From brainstorming ideas, creating promotional content, coordinating your team, and more, I’ll assist you with planning and execution to make your launch special from start to finish. 

Monitoring Metrics and Analysis

Your business deserves to blossom.

I’ll break down what’s working and what you can improve with easy-to-follow steps. Using key performance indicators (KPI), we’ll track the right metrics to scale.

What exactly is an OBM?

Online Business Management (OBM) looks at the bigger picture of your business. Similar to virtual assistance, OBMs empower you to streamline your business by completing tasks that you don’t have the time to do—and more!

Bloom Business Management helps you…

  • Accomplish both personal and business goals
  • Create custom project management frameworks just for your business
  • Track your metrics and workflow
  • Achieve day-to-day, monthly and quarterly needs

It’s my job to create solutions and build the 6-7 figure business you deserve.

Let’s create the space you need so your business can flourish.

Knowing your “why” is more than just a mission statement.

Your heart, your soul, and your goals are at the foundation of your business. It’s the start of every relationship you have with your clients and your team. It’s the beginning of everything you do.

We know building a business requires our valuable time and money. It also involves creating a warm and inviting environment that makes managing your business actually fun and gratifying!

I’m here for you when you need a professional but personal touch to get the job done.

I’m passionate about helping business owners take their company to the next level—and loving every moment of it.

I’m Kia, Your Online Business Manager, And #1 Supporter.

Managing a business shouldn’t be stressful 24/7.

I know you’ve been working hard to make your business what it is today, and there’s no shame in needing an extra pair of hands to get us even further.

I created Bloom Business Management to relieve busy business owners of the headaches that can come with scaling their company. 

When you need peace of mind, I’m right by your side to see you through the good and the bad days.

Bridging your vision with a strategic plan for growth means finding a partner you know, like, and trust to help you see your goals through. I’m all about open communication and getting to know what makes you you so we can work together to build your empire.

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